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Welcome to Gold Coast Tutor. Gold Coast Tutor is a specialist academic and law tutor on the Gold Coast assisting students with the following subjects: Legal Studies, Law, English, IT and Maths. I am an established and experienced Gold Coast law tutor.

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Ask yourself the following questions:

  1. Do you have difficulty understanding a particular subject matter?
  2. Do you require additional help with a subject matter or assignment?
  3. Do you require assistance with essay writing skills, referencing, note taking?
  4. Do you require assistance with exam preparation?
  5. Are you committed to your studies?

If so, you may need assistance and guidance from a tutor. GC Tutor can provide you with exceptional tutoring services on the Gold Coast.

Remember – Right tutor. Best Results. Gold Coast Law tutor, Gold Coast Legal Studies tutor, Gold Coast English tutor.

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You want to ensure you select an appropriate tutor to help you achieve your goals. There are numerous factors to consider when choosing a tutor.
The two main important factors are skill/knowledge on the subject and the ability to articulate and explain that skill/knowledge to the student.
That is why, at Gold Coast Tutor, our moto is: Right tutor, Best Results. See "About me", "Why me" or get in contact with me.